Calvin and his change from Colineaus’ edition to that of Stephanus

It has been brought up by those that hold the Ecclesial Text (ET) position that John Calvin changed which printed Greek New Testament he used from that of Colinaeus to that of Stephanus, aside from this being an update in terms of scholarship, those that hold the ET position claim that this was a move away from the Critical Text position to their own. More likely this move was precipitated by Colineaus’ student Stephanus pointing out the anti-protestant nature of Colineaus and his conjectural emendations.

On Conjectural Emendations it is a common Reformed position at the time of the Reformation to reject such Emendations, however, the acceptance of the conjecture at Luke 2:22 by Beza places the ET (using only the text published by TBS) in a precarious position, unlike Calvin they are adverse to moving away from a text with a conjecture, doubtless they will contend that due to its existence in the Latin this is no conjecture but this is what they decry the NA28 for at 2 Pet 3:10, there must be a consistency.