A Prayer from Psalm 74

OI God! why do you neglect us forever?
Why are we, your sheep, under your condemnation?

I appeal to the fact that you have purchased us.
I appeal to your redemption of us.

but still our best is as menstrual rags
still our efforts to be your people manifest in the ruins of our existential plight

We find ourselves to be these pitiful creatures who despite all information to the contrary are yours

why do we drift along in these liminal spaces, why do we exist only by your grace?

is it our hubris, or our potential hubris that comes from abounding in your steadfast love, that comes from our expectation that you will rightly or wrongly please the desires of our flesh? Whether they be desires that culminate in the love of you, or desires that culminate in seeking to please the idols of consumerism and posession of power and money

O God, where is my heart, where is the life that I try to find in you?

How do I long for you and not for the things of this world, the desires that crowd around me, the desires to be right, the desires to be true, how have we so mutilated this and usurped its proper place through our so-called wisdom, our so-called love, why are we here again, O Yahweh, to the point that our passion is so unbridled, our minds so untamed that faith, that prayer seems like an addition to who we are, all our being finds its source in you, yet we do not act like this, our hearts do not love like this, our minds do not think like this, we are ever conformed to the image of this world, rather than the image of your Son, change us that we might be changed, renew us that we might be renewed. may we live, breathe and subsist on your mission, on your making all things new.