Mosaic 6pm as Baptist and Missional in Identity

Identity is the buzzword of the early 21 st Century, and often as Christians we have a lack of identity. This lack of identity is most pronounced in our communal coming together, bombarded by Western individualism there is a lack of communal story. For the 6pm congregation of Mosaic Baptist Church this is no different, we lack identity and voice as a community and so lack missional contrast and outlook whereby we can serve the community and bring glory to God. The following is an attempt to enter into dialogue with the 6pm congregation and help them find the voice that they
already have, making explicit our assumptions and what draws us together as individuals that we might better take up and engage with the pastoral vision for us. Through engaging with Baptist and Missional voices we will find our missional contrast and identity is thoroughly Baptist, Missional
and uniquely 6pm.

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