Impassible Passion

A Meditation on “God without Passions” 2LBCF 2.1

I am drawn back to the question of your transcendence, if you are wholly transcendent you are easy to deal with, a God in a box, far away from us not interacting nor calling us to yourself, and so not God. If on the other hand you are wholly immanent, then you are also wholly simple to deal with, we touch creation and are touching you, you become pliable, bendable to our wills and not the one laughing in derision of the plots of the wicked. O God, make mockery of those who claim “I know Him.” What a simple boast!

You confound us with the Yes and No of your nearness and distance.
You declare yourself in the Cross
Suffering becomes your name
Righteousness your surname

You have chosen turmoil in which to meet us
A language foreign to yourself
Yet our native one

A speaking of whispers and mumbles
To the clear roar of the Cross;
“I am with you,
I have made myself yours,
So too become mine.”