You are the salt of the earth, you are the light of the world, we are surrounded by hegemonic ‘isms’ that say “if you just agree with us, and walk in the ways that we have carved out, you too can live in happiness!” but what does the love of Christ say? It says; “If you walk with me, you can be positive change, regardless of the hordes around you, take up your yoke, become my yokefellow, and we will carve out a field of righteousness bearing fruit of righteousness. Spread abroad the fragrance of Christ, be the saltiness of the earth, give it its texture and colour, and savour as you etch out righteousness in your own life under my gracious tutelege.” The graciousness of this answer to moral busybodies is that as we work out the unforced rhythms of grace we will have a positive impact on the world regardless of what those around us do, or do not do, regardless of whether they join us or not, but the invitation is always there, always open to them as it is to us; “Come, those trodden down under the burden of making everything right, and I will give you rest.”