I came off my bicycle last Thursday, I can’t remember what happened from about 1:30pm – 6pm, I know from conversation, that it quite possibly happened between 3 when I got off work and 3:30 when I said that I was in a car on the way home.

The first thing I remember following the accident was getting a cast on my left, I was told that I had had a CT scan for concussion and an XRay for my hand, it was considered that my fifth finger on my hand was fractured. Following a second consultation yesterday about my hand, what was initially considered to be a possible fracture was found to be only soft tissue damage.

The entire accident could have gone far worse than what it turns out it has. I thank God that it has turned out that there were no broken bones and that healing is coming swiftly.

In the consultation the doctor said that with the soft tissue injury it was good that the hand was immobilised for the week and that what is needed now is on and off rest and use of the hand. God’s hand has been over even the mistake of plastering the arm when the finger was not broken and the providential care of the healing process!

We have come out into this desolate place
Where are you God?
Why are we surrounded by idolatry?
What can we do, How can we seek you
When everywhere we turn all we see are the idols of Babylon
Those idols and false Gods which we once longed after
Have now become a snare and entrap us
Oh how we long for you O Living one of Zion!
How can we seek you when so clearly we have been cut off?
Ah! How desperate are we?
Can we not come back to the place you have chosen?
Do not forsake us O God of our Fathers