We the church need to become a cruciform community. Becoming more and more shaped by who Christ is and what he has done in our midst, both in unifying us into his body (1 Cor 12) and tearing down the hostility between us as fellow creatures. (Gal 2)

Through service and an openness to the other the Church should see growth into imaging Christ. We are decent at ministering to physical needs through financial giving, being there for one another in prayer and fellowship, and we have a good focus towards the worship of God. However to hold God in Christ up as our great desire to others outside of our context, outside of the four walls which contain our communal Christian life that’s a bit too much. That’s a bit too out of our reach. We need to address this and my main concern is that we have lost an urgency with our charge to reach the lost. We’ve lost an understanding of our role as Jesus’ body, his hands and feet to take that news to the world.

We need as a Church to be reminded of the Gospel before we forget that that is what we are bound together by and turned into the salt and light of the world. What does it matter if we are helping our brothers and sisters who have lack yet do not attend to their greatest lack? Being able socially does no good if we are not also seeking to hold up Christ and Him Crucified as our one delight.

A Meditation on “God without Passions” 2LBCF 2.1

I am drawn back to the question of your transcendence, if you are wholly transcendent you are easy to deal with, a God in a box, far away from us not interacting nor calling us to yourself, and so not God. If on the other hand you are wholly immanent, then you are also wholly simple to deal with, we touch creation and are touching you, you become pliable, bendable to our wills and not the one laughing in derision of the plots of the wicked. O God, make mockery of those who claim “I know Him.” What a simple boast!

You confound us with the Yes and No of your nearness and distance.
You declare yourself in the Cross
Suffering becomes your name
Righteousness your surname

You have chosen turmoil in which to meet us
A language foreign to yourself
Yet our native one

A speaking of whispers and mumbles
To the clear roar of the Cross;
“I am with you,
I have made myself yours,
So too become mine.”