O God of all Glory, I lift my eyes to where You are and become mused by You. This musing is not just some lip service, I have become captured by your beauty. I find myself speaking nonsense as with the Apostle Peter, is it not good to be captured by His Glory? I have been caught up into theology, not that I wanted to but I have come face to face with you God and I cannot but be changed by that encounter.
That encounter calls praise and adoration to pour out of me. I cannot help it, I am encountered and I no longer know myself. I am as unknown to myself as You are unknown to me. And so praise pours out. I think it is healthy for it to pour out of me, for it helps me reflect and come to a small fraction of knowledge that even is like sand, slipping through my fingers. Does not this encounter poured into praise call unto your Church? If this is so, if your praise pouring from my lips and from my pen are to call your Church into action I think it is beneficial to the Church for it to pour out of me.
I am to be captured always by your heart, O God, who am I, it is a mystery unto me that you have chosen me, yet I am assured that I was chosen by you. All the wonders of your work display forth your grandeur, I face them and am confronted by You. Why do You think of man in such a way? The Psalmist is right; “What is man that You are mindful of him?” So enthralled must we be with You and Your glory. We are Your creatures, that You designed for Your praise, so we will praise You, conducting Creation in Her praise of You and resounding Your Glory unto Her.
If I have stepped out being mused by God then I have stepped out of theology, He wants my eyes on Him and me to be pouring out praise for Him.