From his opening to his exposition on the Parables of Christ Benjamin Keach deemed that one of the reasons Christ spoke in parables was to give us an example in order that we might weave the Gospel throughout our lives in prayer. He writes;

And lastly, It may be, that the Lord’s own people might the better improve all natural things unto their spiritual advantage, as to instance in some few particulars; viz.

1. As when you light a candle, and put it into a candlestick, say within thyself, thus must God by his Word and Spirit, light my dark heart; and thus must not my light be hid, but shine forth to the profit of others. And thus of like benefit to the world, is the church and people of God. Also,

2. When you taste things unsavoury for want of salt, say, how unsavoury are such Christians or professors, whose words and conversations are not as becometh the Gospel; or when you taste things very sweet and savoury, say, how savoury should I be in my life, or in all my words and actions! Also, how good is grace, to season my heart and life!

3. When you see men dig deep, to lay the foundation of a house upon a rock, say, how careful should I be, to see that my soul is built upon that rock, Jesus Christ, whom God hath laid in Zion.

4. When you, good women, leaven your bread, and you see in a little time the whole lump is leavened; say, thus will the true grace of God, if I receive it into my soul, leaven my heart and every faculty in me, and never cease until I become a new lump.

5. When you dig up new ground for to turn it into a garden, and find there much filth, stones, worms and vermin of the earth; say within thyself, thus naturally, in me and in all men, there was much filth and abominable corruption, and loathsome vermin undiscovered, until God by his Spirit, by powerful convictions, ploughed up the fallow ground of my heart.

6. When you see weeds, for want of care and pains, to grow up in your garden, which spoil your herbs and choice flowers; say within thyself, how will the weeds of sin and unbelief, spoil the growth of the good seed of grace in my soul, if I by faith, repentance and godly care, do not daily strive to weed them out, or get these base weeds up by the roots.

7. When you seethe fire burn the wood, or consume all combustible matter; say within thyself, thus will the Spirit of God, when it hath kindled in my soul, burn up and consume every sin in me; as pride, vain-glory, the inordinate love of this world, wrath, envy, malice, revenge, undue passion, slavish fear, unbelief, hypocrisy, and all things that are of a carnal and combustible nature.

8. And when you see one coal kindle and enliven another, and the fire to bum more fervently by stirring it up; say within thyself, what a mercy is it to be in the company of, and daily to converse with lively Christians! How doth their zeal heat, and warm, and enliven my soul; and what need have I to stir up that grace and gift of God that is in me, by fervent prayer, fresh acts of faith and holy meditation.

9. When you see the wind blows, by which means the ship you behold before your eyes sail swiftly before a prosperous gale, say within thyself, thus shall I sail swiftly along through the troublesome sea of this world, when the wind of the Spirit blows upon my soul.

When you see the sun in the spring, to cause the grass, herbs, trees, and flowers put forth and smell fragrantly, say within thyself, thus it will be with my soul, if Jesus Christ draws near to me by the powerful influences of his Spirit, all grace will put forth, bud, and blossom in me; so that I shall become fruitful to God in righteousness and true holiness, and be of a fragrant scent in his nostrils, to the delighting the heart of Jesus.

10. When you see a great shower of rain fall on the earth, say within thyself, how fruitful would this world be if God would send that great shower of the Spirit upon the souls of men, promised to be poured forth in the latter days! And when you see a small and gentle rain fall upon the tender herb, which softens the mould, and causes the flowers and herbs to sprout forth and smell sweetly, say to God, send the sweet rain and dew of thy Spirit upon thy word, people, and ordinances, and upon my soul; so shall we grow and flourish in thy courts.

11. When you see the sun to shine bright and clear, and dispel all fogs and thick clouds, say within thyself, what glorious times will they be, when the Sun of righteousness will break forth in all nations, and disperse all the dark clouds of Popery, errors, heresy, Paganism, and Mahometanism, which now cover all kingdoms and people, making it is a dismal world. And when you see the sun to shine bright and clear into your house, whereby you discern what dust and filth is therein; say within yourself thus, when Jesus Christ began to shine into my heart by his Spirit, I came to see the filth and the abominable evils, and pollution of my heart, which humbles my soul, and lays me mourning at his feet.

12. When you go to bed (death being compared to our going to rest,) say within thyself, it will be but a little while, before I shall lie down in the grave, and rest there until the morning of the resurrection.

13. When you rise in the morning, say within thyself, over a little time I shall arise out of my grave, and meet Jesus Christ in the air.

14. When your dearest friend is displeased with yon, and comes not to visit you as ill former times, say, ah! what have I done? Oh! how sad is it, that my dear Jesus has hid his face, and withdrawn himself from my poor soul!

15. When you are in a dark night, or in a dark room, say, how dismal will the blackness of darkness be, to the ungodly for evermore! O Lord, let me never be shut up in eternal darkness.

16. When you see a furnace of fire, or a hot oven, think of hell or the lake of fire, into which the wicked shall be cast; and admire God’s free grace in Christ, who hath saved thee from that burning lake.

17. When you see a man or woman very crooked, deformed, and full of filthy sores running on them, say. such a crooked, filthy, and loathsome creature was I, before God changed my heart, and cleansed and healed all the stinking sores which were in my soul; which rendered me more loathsome in the sight of God, than this deformed and loathsome person before mine eyes is.

Lastly, When you see a sower sowing his seed, and some of it falls on the highway side, and some on stony places, and some among thorns, and some upon good ground, that is well ploughed and manured; call to mind what our Lord speaketh in the parable of the sower; and say within thyself, how few hear the word, and bring forth the fruit thereof unto eternal life. Lord, prepare my heart to receive thy word, that it may be like the good ground, or I shall be undone for ever. Let my heart be broken up and prepared by thy plough. that I may have a good, an upright and sincere heart. Thus parables and metaphorical Scriptures may be improved every day, by each particular Christian, to his great profit and spiritual advantage.

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I’ll be starting a new project to tidy up some of the Baptist works on Archive for ease of consumption, the first title I will be working on is Benjamin Keach’s massive An exposition of the parables, and express similitudes of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the first exposition I hope to have up sometime today.