Category: Meditations

The opening notes shatter my reverie.
If this is living
If this is worship
Then what do I do in finding Christ at the bottom
The bottom of a stranger’s beer
In the eyes of a stoner in the gutter
Where is the rending of the heart for the broken world?
Where are our open eyes to call forth God’s Kingdom?
Where do we submit ourselves to join with Christ
In dying to bring Kingdom life into the world?

We have come out into this desolate place
Where are you God?
Why are we surrounded by idolatry?
What can we do, How can we seek you
When everywhere we turn all we see are the idols of Babylon
Those idols and false Gods which we once longed after
Have now become a snare and entrap us
Oh how we long for you O Living one of Zion!
How can we seek you when so clearly we have been cut off?
Ah! How desperate are we?
Can we not come back to the place you have chosen?
Do not forsake us O God of our Fathers

Faith in the man Jesus Christ arrests us, it lays claim not just to our faculties of reason, as far as Christianity is a thinking religion so too it makes itself a doing, a speaking, a feeling, and a being religion.
We are constantly in a state of being, we are being loved, being disciplined, being transformed from one degree of Glory to the next. Christianity fundamentally finds itself as a being religion, we are acted upon by God far more than we do this or that, or think this or that.
Just as much as for us to do, or think in separation from God we find ourselves thinking or doing against God! We must thrust ourselves upon Him, upon His mercies which are new each and every day. We must find our joy in Him, there is no other fount of joy.

A Meditation on “God without Passions” 2LBCF 2.1

I am drawn back to the question of your transcendence, if you are wholly transcendent you are easy to deal with, a God in a box, far away from us not interacting nor calling us to yourself, and so not God. If on the other hand you are wholly immanent, then you are also wholly simple to deal with, we touch creation and are touching you, you become pliable, bendable to our wills and not the one laughing in derision of the plots of the wicked. O God, make mockery of those who claim “I know Him.” What a simple boast!

You confound us with the Yes and No of your nearness and distance.
You declare yourself in the Cross
Suffering becomes your name
Righteousness your surname

You have chosen turmoil in which to meet us
A language foreign to yourself
Yet our native one

A speaking of whispers and mumbles
To the clear roar of the Cross;
“I am with you,
I have made myself yours,
So too become mine.”